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Genital discharge passed out stays on panty  .  Wet and moist areas is major  cause of  genital acne, itching , irritation thus leading to bacterial and yeast infections  

Ezspur has an easy way to change crotch area of your undergarment. Ezspur is revolutionary undergarment to maintain vaginal hygiene. Ezspur comes as a combination of underwear and detachable crotch piece referred to as stripe.

Stripe is made of layers of breathable fabric to absorb body fluids and moisture to keep vaginal area dry. However the most important benefit that Ezspur brings to you is ability to refresh crotch area with a new stripe anytime you want. It is as good as changing your panty.

This takes away any worries from carrying on with wet, moist & sometimes smelly undergarment for the whole day.

Working, busy ladies who want freedom from itching, irritation and worry of infection now have a choice to stay clean and fresh for the entire day out.

For those who prefer to use menstrual cups or tampons during periods Ezspur is a very good complement allowing easy access for cup or tampon replacement with fresh stain free crotch area.