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Tips on this site are strictly informational. Consult your healthcare provider as necessary

No Plastic


No irritation

No itching



No rashes


Product FAQs


When should I use Ezspur

Ezspur is recommended to be used during special conditions such as Urinary Tract Infection, light menstruation, vaginal discharge, and other bodily functions related to the vulva and vagina

Front and rear end of the  stripe has an adhesive tape  that can be fastened to the underwear at the crotch area. Stripe can be fastened either internally or externally on the underwear . Wings are to be tucked in at crotch area 

How to use Stripe


Ezspur comes as a combination of underwear as well as detachable crotch piece referred to as stripe.

What is Ezspur ?


Can the stripe stay in place for longer time


Adhesive used on stripe is strong enough to hold the stripe with underwear. This stripe can be changed as per the convenience of the user thus giving a feel of clean crotch piece on the underwear

Can stripe absorb body fluids


Stripe is made of layers of breathable fabric , thus leading to light absorbency of the body fluids.

How frequently the stripe needs to be changed


It is recommended that stripe should be changed every four hours . During  change of stripes cleaning vaginal area with clean  wipes can further help against vaginal infections.

Can Stripe be reused


Can underwear be reused


Stripe is not reusable. Stripe can be disposed off conveniently after use. Do not flush it.

Yes , underwear can be reused like any regular underwear.