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Tips on this site are strictly informational. Consult your healthcare provider as necessary

Fed up of recurring UTI – let your vagina breathe?

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are relatively common—a study from the National Center for Health Statistics of infections treated most frequently in American emergency rooms showed that only pneumonia is treated more often than UTI. UTIs account for as many as 8.1 million visits to health care providers every year. A woman's risk of having recurrent UTIs increases with each infection.


UTI develops when microbes enter the urinary tract and cause infection. Bacteria are the most common cause of UTIs, although fungi rarely can also infect the urinary tract. The female anatomy contributes to women's increased likelihood of contracting a UTI. A woman's urethral opening is close to sources of bacteria from the anus and vagina.

Medical practitioners highly recommend keeping the vaginal opening area as clean & dry as possible as a preventive measure to protect from any vaginal infection. Thus clothing becomes one of the important preventive care factors for feminine health. A clean undergarment helps avoid maceration of skin & bacterial overgrowth.  

Frequently changing undergarment entirely for purpose of keeping vaginal area dry & clean is inconvenient and impractical on several occasions such as work, travel, outdoors & any other active lifestyle

How can Ezspur help? 

Ezspur, a revolutionary a health wear that allows replacement of the panty surface in contact with vagina. How?

Reusable Undergarment
Disposable stripe
Fasten stripe at front here

Ezspur is uniquely designed as a combination of panty with opening at the crotch area and a crotch piece called ‘stripe’ that can be easily fastened to panty to cover crotch area. When stripe is in place it appears as any normal panty. Panty comes in various sizes and is reusable like conventional panty. Stripe is made of layers of breathable fabric that provides light absorbency of bodily fluids. Stripe is disposable.

By changing the wet, moist, stained crotch area of the panty women are literally able to give a breather to their vagina. Clean & dry vaginal area helps reduce bacterial & yeast overgrowth thus reducing chances of vaginal infection. Convenient replacement of stained stripe with cleaner one provides extra protection against bacterial growth and or yeast infection. 

While travelling or during long day out, women suffering from conditions such as urinary tract infections, vaginal discharge and yeast infections can easily maintain their vaginal freshness by conveniently changing stripe without burden of carrying extra set of panties. Stripes come in small packs like panty liners thus can be easily carried anywhere.

Given stripes are externally stuck to panty, it’s very easy to replace it without removing the panty. For added cleanliness it is recommended to wipe vaginal area clean before sticking a fresh stripe over crotch area.

Vaginal discharge depends on individual body constitution. Using a panty liner during heavy discharge can feel wet and nasty. Heavy discharge stains the undergarment making wet and moist. Wet patch created on panty can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Wet crotch area on panties can be easily changed by using fresh detachable stripe


Ezspur is great for protecting vagina and keep user feeling clean and fresh through the day. Good for daily use as panty stripe is easily changeable and easy to carry. 

Soft fabric stripe works as a cloth liner without harmful effects of adhesives and synthetic material typical used in panty liners. Use of breathable soft fabric material at crotch area can avoid bacterial growth and give a fresh life to your vagina.

Breathing vagina, healthy vagina! .. let it breathe.