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Tips on this site are strictly informational. Consult your healthcare provider as necessary

Ezspur a revolutionary solution for vaginal hygiene

Reusable Undergarment
Disposable stripe
 fasten stripe at front here

Ezspur comes as a combination of underwear as well as changeable crotch piece called 'stripe'

Changeable crotch piece
Front end of the stripe is fastened here
Rear end of the stripe is fastened here

Disposable Stripe is made of layers of breathable fabric for light absorbency of body fluids

Layers of Absorbent material
Tuck in wing
Releasable paper
Adhesive layer on stripe to fasten with undergarment
Tuck in wing

Adhesive used on the Stripe is strong enough to hold the stripe with underwear

Breathable and soft fabric
Stripe attached to the undergarment

For optimum care it is recommended to replace stripe every 4 hours

Dispose off stripe after use 

Do not flush the stripe 

Stripe with adhesive is to be attached on the underwear . Do not apply stripe directly on the skin